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This is a guide to what is here at the moment, and what will be added in the near future.

SANTIAGO TYPE 1 TEAMS is now at 9 pages with English team kits from the 1958-59 and 1959-60 seasons. The rest of the pages are from the 1963-64 season. The reason this particular season was chosen is that it was the 1st ever Bundesliga season, so it seemed appropriate to add teams from that season on the pages for Scotland, West Germany, Spain, Holland, Belgium, France, Portugal & Italy.

SANTIAGO VINTAGE TEAMS. We have all the Scottish and English League team kits from the seasons 1899-1900 and 1900-01.            The Victorian FA Cup page has all the teams that reached the FA Cup Finals in the Victorian era included.                                                  The Scottish FA Cup Final page is in the same template, with lots of teams that are now defunct.                                                                The  VICTORIAN PREMIER LEAGUE has taken all the current Premier League teams back to their beginnings in the 1800's, or in a few cases the early 1900's for the teams formed in the Edwardian era. 

TYPE 2 TEAMS (CLASSIC REFS). Have been re-ordered into Reference number form. 50 teams per page from Ref 1 to Ref 331 at the moment, but we will add the remaining teams over the coming weeks.

TYPE 2 TEAMS (EURO CATALOGUES). New pages for teams that weren't readily available in the UK because they were painted by the Various Subbuteo distributers from France (Delacoste), Spain (Borras), and the Portuguese & Italian distributer Parodi.

TYPE 2 TEAMS. (UK & IRELAND). English Premier & Football League Teams. Scottish Professional Football League & Junior Clubs from the Highland & Lowland Leagues. Welsh Premier League. Nothern Irish Premier League and the  Eirecom League (when we have time to sort those teams out).                                                                                                                                                                                          To make these pages more interesting, and in a bid to avoid replicating the same kits & old Subbuteo Reference numbers over several pages, these team kits will be either retro home kits that Subbuteo missed or did not catalogue at the time, modern or classic away kits, or one-off kits that have an interesting story behind them. These Catagories are an ongoing project, and team kits will be added, changed and/or altered from time to time. There are teams in the Scottish section that are replicated teams from the Subbuteo H/W catalogues at the moment and they will also be updated to original kits over time.

TYPE 2 TEAMS (CLUB) are teams from the UEFA Champions League group stages, Europa League group stages. African Champions League & Copa Libertadores. These pages will be updated shortly with new teams and kits for 2019-20.

TYPE 2 TEAMS (NATIONAL) are International teams from the various continents. The UEFA kits have been updated and the other page kits will be updated shortly.

TYPE 2 TEAMS (BEST OF THE REST). If a club is not in the Champions League, Europa League or any of the other categories we cover, but has a distinctive kit, it will be featured here. This will include classic and modern kits.

We have taken all the duplicate kits out of the website and every listing is a different kit, so hopefully you will find a kit you like.

PLEASE NOTE........Most team orders have to painted by us, as carrying stock for so many teams is virtually impossible. All teams come made up and presented in a team box, but are not glued together. This is so you can add a bit of weight to the base if need be and also because you will make a better and neater job of glueing your teams together than we would. All painted teams are quoted as being in stock, this does not mean they are painted and ready for immediate dispatch, it means we have the components to make and paint the team, and while we try to get your teams painted and sent to you as soon as possible, sometimes it can take a bit longer than stated on the Postage and Packing Details page although 99% of orders are dispatched within the 72 hour deadline. Also please be reminded that we do not work weekends so Saturday & Sunday are not counted in the 72 hour dispatch deadline, and also, if you are enjoying your Bank Holiday, then we may be doing the same, and your order could be delayed slightly.....

Many Thanks.





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